Power Transmission, V-Belts, Timing Belts, Conveyor Belts

TOTALRUBBER provides a range of power transmission belts, comprising of v-belts, timing belts and conveyor belts to a diverse array of customers in many different industries.

Timing Belts Total Omniforce – V-Belts for Australian standards & conditions

The Total Omniforce belt range has been developed in Australia over the past 20 years, to meet Australian standards and conditions. This v-belt offers value for money, delivering far superior performance than cheaper v-belt options in the market.

Due to the increase in the number of cheap, low quality power transmission belts in the Australian market, TOTALRUBBER has now taken some of the confusion out of purchasing v-belts. The Total Omniforce range meets the Australian Quality Assured standard.

V-belts – consider this!

A: Few things should be considered when purchasing a v-belt:

Q: Why are cheap v-belts cheap?
A: Because they take shortcuts in quality.

V Belts

  1. The cover is not Neoprene, therefore the belt lacks antistatic properties and oil resistance, making it less durable.  
  2. the cover is only a single wrap. This means a very quick wear rate
  3. The reinforcement drive member is Rayon, not Polyester which means :
    • The belt stretches
    • The belt has a much shorter life
    • The belt has a lower power rating
  4. The rubber carcass is reclaimed rubber which means excessive flex fatigue and shortened service life.

So – One Total Omniforce V-belt can out last 3 inferior belts. It will save you time and money in labour and parts when you calculate the cost of the downtime and labour.


The Contitech range offers what is arguably the world’s best quality power transmission belts. Manufactured in Germany, Contitech is recognisable as a symbol of innovation in technology. It is backed by a research and development centre of over 3000 Chemists and technical support staff.

Contitech’s benchmarks are 50% higher than the ISO standard. The accuracy of the tolerances (with negligible belt stretch) that German machinery manufacturers are able to design drive systems without requiring pulley take-up!. TOTALRUBBER is proud to be associated with this symbol of excellence in power transmission products.

Power Transmission


As a market leader in rubber products nationally, we have a wide range of power transmission products to offer. Contact us for further information on our industrial rubber solutions.