Food Hose, Wine Hose

Many food/beverage manufacturers approach us to provide solutions for their needs to safely and economically transfer liquid and solids in a hygienic manner. Probably one of the most popular lines are our rubber hose and PVC hose products developed specially for the food and beverage industries. Some of our biggest clients include food manufacturers, wine-makers and dairy carting. Not only do we provide the food/liquid delivery and suction, but also rubber skirting, conveyor belts and hydraulic hose.

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverage – Overview of TOTALRUBBER applications


It is most likely that the milk you are pouring on your cereal this morning was pumped through some TOTALRUBBER clear food PVC hose yesterday in the dairy factories of Victoria or NSW. Dairy farmers throughout Australia such as Murray Goulburn rely on our hose, fittings and other rubber products to keep them in business.


The Wine that you will be drinking tonight would have been decanted from one oak barrel to the next using TOTALRUBBER Vaculpress Crystal in a Barossa Valley winery last vintage. We have clients such as Clover Hill who asked us to fit out their winery with wine hose in a way that streamlined their production.


The specially names, Totalflex® Brewers Delivery hose is recommended for conveying beer, wine, vinegar, soft and alcoholic drinks and potable water. This model can also be made using crush proof external cover to preserve in the case of impact.


Specialised chocolate manufacturers need a product that can withstand the corrosive effects of the fats and oils in chocolate. Fortunately, the Totalflex® Chocolate FDA suction hose has proven itself time and time again. Manufactured from white, smooth food quality odourless and taste free butyl rubber, it is suitable for conveying creams, chocolates, oily liquids and foodstuffs.

Sanitary Couplers

Food safety is of paramount importance to any food and beverage manufacturer. That is why our Reseal™ couplers, designed exclusively for SaniGard and ClearGard hoses. They are especially useful because:
Sanitary – full flow compression seal prevents bacteria build up
CIP suitable – no disassembly required
safe – no straps or bands to potentially injure workers
recyclable – can be used to join damaged sections of hose

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