Steam Hose, Timing Belts, EPDM Rubber

Our supply of rubber products to companies in the marine industry is phenomenal. Our extensive range of PVC hose which specifically caters to marine environments is always growing, due to our responsive customer service ethos. Broadly, Our range includes products for boat building supplies, fuel management, sanitation and drinking water.

Multipurpose products: Products that have many varied uses around shipping yards, boatyards, docks, boat buildings and maintenance facilities including:

Marine Fender

Onboard Products: Products for use on and around boats for maintenance fittings, valves matting and other general purpose uses.

Power Transmission: Products that will be used on and around mechanical parts of a boat.

  • Marine Exhaust
  • EVA Tubing
  • Fuel line
  • Timing Belts
  • V-belts



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