Mining Quarries, Rubber Matting, EPDM Rubber

There are many uses for quality industrial hose within the mining industry. The main areas of application are for Dredging, Slurry and materials handling. Our rubber hose and power transmission products are up to the challenge that heavy duty machinery demands of them.

We also can call upon the specialist knowledge of hand made hose manufacturers. We can build special heavy duty hose of up to All our mining hose and fittings are heavy duty, developed in consultation with engineers and designers who understand the rigors that hose is subject to in the field.

Custom heavy duty rubber hose:

TOTALRUBBER custom built hand made rubber hose assemblies are designed for each customer's unique application. We have been customising hose for over 20 years so we have the necessary experience to deliver an outstanding job that will exceed your expectations.
Some of the common applications include

-Mining abrasive slurry transfer
-dredging operations
-pumping and irrigation
-stacker reclaimer reeling hose
-mineral processing
-road sweeper hose
-offshore exploration transfer hose
-Dock hose to BS 1435
-Grain transfer
-concrete pumping and pump squeeze tubes
-acid and chemical transfer.

Engineering and Application Design Assistance

We are not content to rest on our laurels and we welcome new applications for our products. We will provide solutions to your toughest hose problems by designing and developing rubber sna PVC hoses to meet your exact requirements.

Samples available for Field Testing

Our dedication to customer service starts with helping you choose what will suit your needs best. That is why we offer field test samples for customers who are then able to try before they buy. Save time and cost by knowing that your system will meet your needs. Contact us today for more information.


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